Saturday, May 31, 2014

And then the garment wall ...

The swatch/sampler wall is done, for now, pending adding additional swatches as I find them (I know a couple are missing).  Next step is hanging the garments on another wall.  There isn't room for all, so I may rotate them over the three days.  It’s kind of fun.
A batch of garments to show - all are either really simply shaped or are
examples of the top-down pattern I use a lot.

On the table, there will be the baby and doll things on one side, and hats/socks/other small stuff on the other.  I have a bunch of stuff.

Wrapping up the brochure.  It’s a good start.  There is the brochure, proper, and an additional page with lots of measurement charts:  for people, for 18” dolls, and for square/rectangle things including scarves, pillows, and throws.

And once it is done, we get to take it all down and ship it.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Putting it out there.

For years I have crocheted on the side, with some kind of real, respectable job participating in civil society.  Now, with the booth coming together for the conference in July, I feel like I am coming out of the closet.  Crocheting is what I do:  teaching, designing, writing.

It’s not like I have hidden away to crochet.  Lots of folks around here know me by sight, from years of crocheting while walking my dog – he was the type that sniffed and commented as we walked twice a day, perfect for me to work on small projects like socks, hats, motifs, washcloths, or the start of something bigger. And I wear and use what I make - sweaters, tops, socks, purse, wallet, hat – so I have a certain look. But few people have seen my work area, and now a version of it will be in the marketplace at the show, out there, just like that.

Wall of samplers and swatches
Designing my playpen for three days in July:  There are definite trends in my stuff:  A wall of swatches to explore yarns and stitches and how colors interact with pattern stitches.  That’s what I am working on today.  Then there are the hats and socks and other small stuff to hang up.  And the garments:  sweaters and tops for grown-ups, smalls, and dolls, with designs hugely influenced by Elizabeth Zimmermann, of all people.

One friend, finding out about this project, said, “Of course you’ll have business cards, right?”  Well, duh, of course I have business cards.  Then another friend added, “So, what will your brochure look like?  It’s not a real booth without a brochure.”  Oh.  So now I have a brochure.

It feels different.  Choosing from a lifetime of swatches and finished pieces, I am putting my money where my mouth is.  What a ride!